Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federation
Director Janelle Hamness, 6th Dan Karate
Chairman Tony Sandoval, 10th Dan Karate
The Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federations mission is to research Okinawan/Chinese based Martial Arts. A Federation with its foundation of mutual respect for all styles or systems, providing services and guidance to develop and preserve the Okinawan and Chinese Traditional Arts. The SKKF is an autonomus organization, and has affiliations with other organizations, retaining its own bylaws in its affiliations. PURPOSE STATEMENT: The purpose and objectives of this Federation shall be to promote the development of White Crane, Shorin-Ryu, and Kobudo, thus, contributing to the health and peace of all mankind. Director Janelle Hamness email: JAH@Sandovalkaratekobudofederation.com
The Hakutsuru system presented by the Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federation was introduced to the America's in 1989 by Anthony (Tony) Sandoval, currently the system is taught in the America's Hakutsuru Training Centers. Certified Instruction in the Internal and External Art of Hakutsuru is currently available internationally, for a Certified Instructor in your area email TS@Sandovalkaratekobudofederation.com